AAO Sponsored Resident Webinar



Chris Bentson will be presenting, Preparing for Your Practice's Future, as part of the AAO’s Webinar Series. This webinar is targeted towards orthodontic residents and the AAO’s new and younger members. Presentation time is 8:15pm-9:30pm EST.


If you’re considering any change of ownership in your practice in the future, this webinar will discuss current valuation metrics. This presentation provide guidance you on what practice elements you should be focused on to maximize value. The presented content will educate you on timelines, options available and market conditions. Various models of how to bring a new doctor into the practice for an associateship, partnership, or sale of the entire enterprise will be discussed. Understand the effects and options that DSO’s can provide if you want to sell and keep working. Current lending environment for practice buyers, current buyer sentiment and income expectations as well as what part your geography plays in a planned practice transition will be examined. The course is fast-paced with lots of data that will be shared.  


Questions you’ll be able to answer after attending the webinar:

  • What are the average values for solo and small group practices in today’s market?
  • What are the biggest influences on practice value?
  • What are current associate salary expectations?
  • How long does the practice transition process take?
  • If I sell to a DSO can I receive a higher price than selling to another doctor?


Reference Link: Click here to learn more.

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