Ortho2’s Cutting Edge Webinar


Shannon Patterson will be presenting, Forks in the Road - Navigating Market Disruption, on Monday, February 4th at 8:30 PM/EST.


It's clear there are many changes in the orthodontic industry, fueled by new technologies and nontraditional competitors entering the market space. Although 2018 was a record year for many orthodontic practices, current success is no guarantee of future success. With the many changes taking place, Shannon will discuss the facts and trends of the current market, offering doctor-owners the knowledge to make strategic decisions for the future of their practice. This webinar will identify the major pressures the specialty is facing with a focus on current market disruptions including new technology, the shift to consumer-driven dentistry, and nontraditional competitors entering the market space. This presentation will provide strategic insight about the challenges the specialty is facing and how you can stay competitive in a disruptive market.


The following key topics will be highlighted:

  • Trends in today's orthodontic marketplace
  • Current market disruptions including disruptive technology and nontraditional competitors entering the market space
  • Current consumer behaviors and the shift to consumer-driven dentistry
  • How to position yourself for growth in a changing environment


This webinar is part of Ortho2's Cutting Edge Webinar Series and is free to attend.

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