Ortho Alliance Growth Summit



This event is the brainchild of Orthopreneurs and Orthodontic Pearls - The Ortho Alliance Growth Summit was conceived for you: the busy, driven professional who wants CE to be short, sweet, and smart. Learn from six of the brightest, most respected minds in the profession, who will bring business and clinical balance via engaging, efficient 30-minute presentations. This free event provides attendees three hours of CE just for attending.


Chris Bentson will be presenting Session #6, 2021 Trends All Point To Growth: Find Out Why. This fast-paced lecture will describe how the orthodontic profession is doing coming out of the pandemic, why 2021 will be one of the best years ever, and what to look for beyond this year.


Other amazing speakers include Dr. John Graham, Dr. Chad Foster, Dr. Krystian Jarosz, Dr. Luis Huanca, and Mr. Judson Crawford.

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