Career Placement Services For Candidates Seeking Opportunities

Bentson Copple & Associates offers candidate placement services to orthodontists throughout the United States. Whether you are a resident approaching the completion of your orthodontic program or an experienced doctor seeking a new opportunity or looking to purchase a practice, our experienced placement specialists are here to help you. Our Placement Services are provided at no cost, and our candidates can expect a high-level engagement process with our recruiters who are knowledgeable about the opportunities they represent and current industry trends. We offer our candidates a superior and tailored experience from start to finish with services that include the following:


CV & Cover Letter Review

Your CV and Cover Letter, or as we refer to it, your About Me letter, represent your initial chance to grab a doctor’s attention. You have invested a great deal of time and energy in your education; your CV is your opportunity to showcase your academic achievements. Your About Me letter allows you to convey a more personal statement - an introduction to you as an individual and an overview of what you bring to the table as a candidate. Our recruitment team will help you fine-tune these two documents so you stand out from your peers.


Career Coaching & Consultation

When you reach out to us or register on our website, we will schedule an initial consultation call. During this call, we seek to get to know you and help you identify your short and long-term career goals. We also take the time to answer any questions you might have as you begin your career search and offer insight on methods that might enhance your search efforts.


Phone Interview Skills

With our high-level engagement recruitment process, we work with you each step of the way. We will help prepare you for phone interviews and offer suggestions on what questions you might ask a potential employer.


Site Visit Preparation & Site Visit Materials

We place high importance on placing a candidate in a position where he or she can enjoy a healthy work-life balance. For that reason, we have developed an in-depth Candidate Resource Packet for each opportunity that showcases what the community has to offer candidates. The packet includes area demographics, local neighborhood information, school information, and area activities. We also include a site visit itinerary so candidates can plan their visit accordingly with plenty of time to enjoy the area. At Bentson Copple & Associates, we do much more than simply make an introduction. We work with you during your career search from beginning to end offering insight and resources to help guide you in the right direction.


Exclusive Orthodontic Resident Facebook Group

If you are a current resident, we invite you to join our Exclusive Orthodontic Resident Facebook Group! Connect today to stay up-to-date on everything you need to know as an orthodontic resident. Enjoy this private forum to discuss topics within the orthodontic industry that impact residents and candidates seeking orthodontic career opportunities. We offer guidance and support to young doctors looking for opportunities and provide a better understanding of the candidate’s experiences in the job market. Click here to join the Facebook Group


Bentson Copple & Associates' Bi-Weekly Email

Our bi-weekly email is published for orthodontic residents, recently graduated orthodontists, and doctors seeking career opportunities. It includes the most up-to-date orthodontic practice opportunities (orthodontic associateships, practices for sale, and opportunities with a pathway to partnership) and relevant information focused on the fast-changing orthodontic industry and its relation to current and future orthodontic career seekers. Click here to subscribe to the email.


Young Orthodontist LinkedIn Group

Bentson Copple & Associates hosts the Bentson Copple & Associates Orthodontic Job Opportunities and Current Market Trends LinkedIn Group. The goal of this Group is to provide a private forum to discuss topics within the orthodontic industry that impact residents and candidates seeking orthodontic career opportunities. We offer guidance and support to opportunity seekers and gain a better understanding of candidates' experiences in the job market within this outreach. Click here to join the LinkedIn Group.



We have built relationships with several lending institutions that are able and willing to provide financing for all or a portion of an orthodontic transition. Contact us for more detailed information.



Bentson Copple & Associates, LLC is not a law firm and cannot provide legal services or legal advice to clients. However, Bentson Copple & Associates can work with your local attorney or refer you to an attorney who is experienced in practice transitions.

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