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We were recently informed that due to unforeseen circumstances the qlark platform has been closed. We are currently exploring the best options for the past and future reSource content. All past reSource Minute videos have been released on our YouTube channel and linked to our website. More information coming soon regarding the relocation of all content. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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Exciting changes have just arrived for the Bentson Copple reSource newsletter. We are eager to announce that going forward the reSource has become a digitally-centric, online experience. We assure you the reSource brand is not going away; instead, it's been reshaped into a more timely and virtually accessible space. Our publication team worked diligently to move all previously published editions, 330+ individual articles/interviews, and links to all past reSource Minute videos to the new community space, on the qlark educational platform. This educational hosting platform is a natural fit for reSource content!


What is the Bentson Copple reSource? It's an all-in-one informational source that provides and analyzes real data from real practices to present the most accurate information available within the orthodontic industry. From marketing advice to financial insights, the Bentson Copple reSource focuses on the topics that are important to today's orthodontists, their practices, and their future endeavors. The Bentson Copple reSource is solely business-oriented and does not focus on clinical information.


What is Included?

  • Videos that contain insight, perspectives, and commentary from our entire team that, we hope, will prove helpful in the operation of your orthodontic practice.
  • Data Analysis extracted from real orthodontic practices, allowing you to gauge your practice against others.
  • Guest Articles written by leaders in the orthodontic community, well-known consultants, movers and shakers within the industry.
  • Wide Variety of Content - including but not limited to - marketing advice, tips and tidbit, financial and legal insights, industry analysis, and valuation and transition guidance.
  • Interviews from fellow orthodontists, trusted business owners, up-and-coming individuals you need to watch.
  • Member Forum to discuss topics exclusively business-oriented which influence your day-to-day practice decisions.
  • Access to all 55+ published editions of the Bentson Copple reSource newsletter, dating back to 2006.
  • Recorded reSource Minute Videos that offer perspectives of trends, data, and changes in the orthodontic world.
  • Much more - coming soon! 

What are Industry Leaders Saying?

  • The Bentson Copple reSource provides up-to-date information that guides your practice to profitability on a day-to-day basis.
    ~ Char Eash, Profit Marketing Systems
  • I depend on the Bentson Copple reSource for a clear view of the industry and meaningful management insights.
    ~ Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, Impact360
  • Interesting contributors, useful and practical information, timely advice, sort of an all-in-one source. A great newsletter!
    ~ Paul Zuelke, Zuelke & Associates
  • I've found the Bentson Copple reSource an invaluable wealth of practice information. The reSource is my "go-to" guide for accurate and concise facts that guide my clients through numerous practice situations.
    ~ Nancy Hyman, Ortho Referral Systems
  • I find the Bentson Copple reSource to be a great pulse on today's orthodontic community. The articles are informative, accurate, and very timely.
    ~ Andrea Cook, Andrea Cook Consulting
  • There are many informative, interesting, and useful newsletters in our orthodontic community, but none better than the Bentson Copple reSource newsletter. As soon as I receive it, I read every article as my way of keeping up on trends in the industry and staying current with practice valuations and ortho residents' plans. Often the reSource is the first to identify the trends that others then follow and write about. The publication is definitely a leading-edge resource!
    ~ Joan Garbo, Consultant

What are Our Readers Saying?

  • The reSource is particularly relevant in today's quickly changing environment. It is a "must-read" newsletter for any orthodontist who is planning to retire, bring in a partner, is trying to grow his/her practice, or is a new graduate looking for an associateship or to buy-in. One of the TOP publications I subscribe to. 
    ~ Dr. Doug Wright
  •  Without question, Bentson Copple reSource is the best newsletter in the industry!
    ~ Dr. Mark Coreil
  • I enjoy reading the Bentson Copple reSource because it keeps up with current trends around the country. It also provides what’s on the horizon for orthodontics.
    ~ Dr. Richard Graham
  • I appreciate having the Bentson Copple reSource to help me with my practice.
    ~ Dr. Miriam Furlong
  • I enjoy reading the Bentson Copple reSource because:
    1) It is dedicated to orthodontists.
    2) Provides current information on practice valuations and practice management.
    3) Offers articles from different consultants on various timely topics.
    4) Has insight into the way corporate dentistry is changing dentistry and orthodontics.
    5) Updates on what orthodontic residents are thinking.
    6) I like the fact it is quarterly (not too often). 
    ~ Dr. Michael Meharg
  • The Bentson Copple reSource is a great source of information on the topics that directly impact my orthodontic practice. The reSource addresses current issues while identifying future challenges and opportunities. The reSource has a finger on the pulse of my practice.
    ~ Dr. Glen Cowan
  • The Bentson Copple reSource is a great resource...the best available! 
    ~ Dr. Richard Garlitz 

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