The reSource Minute Orthodontic Video Series

The reSource Minute is a short monthly video series that delivers valuable tidbits of business-oriented information specifically for orthodontists. From analyzing relevant data from real practices to presenting the most accurate information available - the videos offer perspectives on trends, data, and changes in the orthodontic world.

Each video focuses on a topic that is important to all orthodontists, their practices, and their future endeavors!


 OSO/DSO Truth vs Fiction (November 2022)

 Innovative Retainer Solution (October 2022)

 Annual Orthodontic Valuation Averages (August/September 2022)

 New Key Operating Metric: Revenue per Appointment (June 2022)

Best-Kept Secret in Orthodontics (December 2020) 

Selecting a Winner (January 2018)

Market Expansion (December 2017)

Teledentistry & The Virtual Consultation (November 2017)

Exploring EBITDA in the Orthodontic Marketplace (October 2017)

Orthodontist Journey: Increasing Share of Chair (September 2017) 

Pressures of Practice Growth (August 2017) 

"Gaidge"ing Orthodontic Data Trends (July 2017)

How We Communicate With One Another (June 2017)

Exploring Child Demographics (May 2017)

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