Orthodontic Practice Valuation & Transition Services

Bentson Copple & Associates advises orthodontists as they choose the right direction for their practices, from selling to adding a partner. We understand the needs and concerns of doctors facing a challenging time of change within their practices.

Practice Valuation

Bentson Copple & Associates offers practice valuations which are extremely comprehensive and include not only the "value" but additional critical financial and operational information for the three most recent years. A Bentson Copple & Associates representative will also visit the practice to meet the doctor and to perform its due diligence during the valuation process. The valuation is typically an early first step in any ownership transfer and conveys not only the fair market value of the practice, but also demonstrates competence and trust that a pending transaction will be handled professionally and fairly. All information is provided in a visually-appealing format that is easy to read and understand and is an excellent tool for goal setting or as the basis for transition.


Buyer Representation Services/Valuation Review

Bentson Copple & Associates offers Buyer Representation Services to doctors considering a practice opportunity. Purchasing an orthodontic practice is a complex issue, and we will work on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition. We review existing practice valuations to ensure that the value determined is reasonable and appropriately represents the fair market value. No matter how large or small the practice, our objective is to make the transition proceed as smoothly as possible.


Practice Transition

Orthodontic transition might be for retirement, the entrance of a family member, a partner search for a practice that has grown beyond the scope of a solo practitioner, the acquisition of another office(s) or the spinning off of one or more satellites. Whatever the reason, Bentson Copple & Associates will work with you to make the process as successful and stress-free as possible. 


Our practice transition services include the preparation of comprehensive cash flow analyses, taking into consideration items such as financing options, amortization schedules, formulation of basic transition structures, equitable allocations, employment parameters, salary parity, and others. Bentson Copple & Associates will conduct telephone sessions with Sellers and Buyers, produce transition questionnaires, and mediate the onset of the transition process between Sellers, Buyers, and advisors to produce a preliminary memorandum outlining the basic terms of the proposed transaction. Although Bentson Copple & Associates does not provide legal services or legal advice, we will also work with all parties and their legal counsel through the execution of the definitive agreements and closing of the transaction. 


Orthodontic Recruiting & Practice Marketing

Bentson Copple & Associates can help locate the best candidate for your orthodontic practice through our Orthodontic Placement & Recruiting Services. With many years of experience within the field of orthodontics, we have earned an excellent reputation as an organization that orthodontic professionals can truly rely on. Our highly trained Certified Professional Recruiters offer unsurpassed service and dedication as we go the extra mile to ensure that the best candidate is located to continue your orthodontic legacy. Our team utilizes a state-of-the-art applicant tracking systems that serves as the backbone of our well-developed orthodontic candidate database. Our placement specialists will carefully interview potential candidates and will offer further training and support through the transition, if needed. We will also provide suggestions and scripting to use when communicating with your staff and patients.


Bentson Copple & Associates is not a law firm and cannot provide legal services or legal advice to clients. However, Bentson Copple & Associates can work with your local attorney or refer you to an attorney who is experienced in practice transitions.

Our team works closely to assist clients based on their valuation, transition, and recruiting needs. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy with complete confidentiality. We do not disclose any personal or practice information without your permission and approval.

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