Full-Day Orthodontic Partnership Lecture


Partnerships in the orthodontic industry are increasing, many with pediatric components. This full-day lecture, hosted by Bentson Clark & Copple, will focus on the key elements of partnerships from a panel of distinguished experts with first-hand experience. If you are considering a partnership with another orthodontist or a pediatric dentist, this lecture will cover the legal and financial aspects, provide first-hand experience from doctors currently in partnerships, offer office design information, deliver tips on locating a partner and will close with an extensive Q&A session with all the guest presenters.

Keep in mind that creating a successful partnership between two dental professionals isn’t easy; it’s more than just a handshake. Clear expectations and a solid financial plan are the keys to a smooth transition. The benefits of effective partnerships do not appear overnight. Establishing effective and inclusive partnerships takes time, and it is important for you to create the right framework from the start and review the structure and process of the partnership on an ongoing basis to measure its success or failure.


Bring your potential orthodontic partner, future pediatric dental partner and/or your spouse to this event.



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