Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists Annual Meeting

10/30/2015 - 11/01/2015


Chris Bentson is scheduled to present “From A to Z: Today’s Orthodontic Environment, Trends and Metrics.”


Part 1: Whether you are transitioning directly from residency or have owned a practice for several years, a fundamental understanding of various key business metrics and their relationship to each other will accelerate your success as a practice owner. This fast-paced presentation will begin with a review of the current consumer market for orthodontics and how it effects your practice positioning.

The presentation will also include a description of the transition process, an illustration of the relationships between key financial and operational data needed to examine practice health, a general review of overhead targets and a discussion regarding some of the trends seen in today’s growing practices.


Part 2:  Profit & loss statements are powerful financial reports; however, business overhead is often obscured with non-practice-related expenses. Receive training to translate your existing P&L into a useful financial management tool. A breakdown of one’s P&L using current industry standards will provide suggested spending targets. Gain an overall better understanding of your expenses and develop a system to monitor them against industry norms. Please bring your most recent YTD P&L statement.


Part 3:  Dive deeper into measuring your practice’s metrics. For part three of this presentation, we have teamed up with Gaidge to allow you to gain a better understanding of your practice’s statistical data. Knowledge is power and using the statistics from your current practice management system will provide your practice a competitive edge in today’s orthodontic environment.


Location: Kierland Resort

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