AAO Webinar: COVID-19: Shaping the Business of Orthodontics Today, Tomorrow, and Years to Come

04/03/2020 - 04/03/2020


The Coronavirus outbreak is transforming almost every aspect of our society at a fast pace. The global health crisis is requiring orthodontists (among others) to navigate uncharted waters. Since circumstances are changing daily, doctors must remain agile in keeping their practices afloat. Chris Bentson, Doug Copple, and Shannon Patterson, of Bentson Copple & Associates, will focus on the small business owner’s battle, how the virus will alter practice values, and the impact this pandemic is having on job seekers and hiring doctors/organizations.

This is webinar is broken into three topic points ...
Chris Bentson will start the session and present on How COVID-19 is Affecting the Orthodontist, as a Small Business Owner, including some options to consider for employees. Chris will discuss the sources of data that will help the industry know when the consumer is coming back.

Doug Copple, CVA will cover The Effect on Practice Values and Transition Plans, including affects of lost production on practice values and the delay of practice sales or additions. Doug will also review lender’s views on the pandemic. He will also review the new CARES Act and what it means for orthodontists. 

Shannon Patterson, CPR, CMSR will close out the session with The Impact of Job Seekers and Hiring Doctors/Organizations. Shannon will discuss the importance of transparency and communication for both current employees and prospective candidates during this pandemic.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to examine valuations as a result of the virus, plus sources of data to know when the industry is coming back.
  • Learn how lost production may affect practice values, including delaying practice sales and bringing on a new partner.
  • Review of lender's views o the pandemic and how it may affect practice financing or expansion
  • The importance of transparency and communication for both current employees and prospective candidates.


This is a free webinar sponsored by the AAO. Each participant who completes the Webinar will earn 1.25 CE credit. 

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